Sunday, February 28, 2010

True Feelings on Sid the Kid

After Sidney once again scored a clutch goal, I was furious, why him? why this game? why canada?

Yes, a lot of Sid's goals are a matter of being in the right place at the right time, yes it takes hard work to get there and he works hard for his goals, no doubt. But he doesnt snipe like OV or semin or malkin for that matter, thats just not who he is.

Now, I personally dont like the type of player and person Crosby is, it has NOTHING to do with Pittsburgh or Canada. I dont like how he always has to say whats politically correct, he never jokes around or just loosens up in front of the press. For example, about his rivalry with Ovechkin, he always just says I dont like him, he doesnt like me. Duh, thats a rivalry. Now OV on the other hand has fun with it, saying things like I love crosby. When asked if he sends Crosby birthday cards, his response was no, I send him cards everyday.. thats the kind of player I would wanna be, someone thats having fun, living his dream.. not stressing over the little things, like Don Cherry's opinion.

Now, to be dead honest, I'd love to be in Crosby's position, not to be Crosby himself. But to do the things he's done, won the cup, won gold medal, nhl all star, etc etc.. however I wouldnt do it the way he does it, but I would be somewhere between OV and crosby, not the 120mph driving OV, but not the all game, no fun Crosby either.

In the end, I'm not gonna be retarded and say that Crosby isnt good, duh he's good. He may end up being great.. But no one can say OV is worse or better, they are different. OV scores goals like no one since Wayne. WHEN the caps win the cup, that monkey will be off OV's back..OV has the back to back hart's and is on pace for a third. However the trophy he wants is the Cup and he'll get it.

Overall, Congrats Crosby, every hockey fan ever would dream to have done what you have by the time they were your age. But really, loosen up and have fun, dont be so "politically correct." Say, "yea it felt damn good to beat USA" not " we wanted to win more." However, I am a caps fan and always will be, and will be proud to chant along to Crosby sucks whenever that comes up and while I realize he doesnt suck, he is a whiner. He complained there were too many hats on the ice when OV had a hat trick, he BEGS for calls and usually gets his fair share of questionable calls.

there you go Sid, that might be the only time I praise you.


and OV, you are WAY more fun to watch and listen to than Sid, now just hoist that Cup and ill be in DC for the parade.

and that's that

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Double Standards

A lot of things about sports bother me, the main one is the double standards for athletes and the law. Some examples

Mike Vick - funding and hosting DOG fighting = 2 years in jail, ruined public image
Ray Lewis - murder of a HUMAN = 1 year PROBATION, $250,000 fine
Donte Stallworth - DUI MANSLAUGHTER = 24 DAYS in jail
Plaxico Burress - Illegal weapon = ~2 years in jail for shooting himself in the leg

there are more, including Rampage Jackson running over a pregnant woman on a sidewalk, and almost no one finding out..

This is just ridiculous.. like if a non-celebrity was charged with dog fighting vs murder, murder is considered much worse than dog fighting. However, when Vicks story broke the public just went nuts, absolutely nuts and it was blown way out of proportion. People saying he should never play in the NFL again.. really? These same people dont know Ray Lewis's story, or Donte's. There is no way anyone could honestly say dog fighting is worse than murdering a human, however if you ask about Mike Vick vs Ray Lewis, people will say Ray Lewis is a WAYY better person, didnt fight dogs, didnt let people down. yea thats because that dont know about Ray's murder charge..

And thats that..